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FMS: A Valuable Service

Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading organization in the field of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products and services. They have intelligently identified the market need for CTI products and have successful satisfied it. With the help of their flagship product Call Confine, Nexsus dominates 60% of the CTI products’ market.
To dominate a certain market, a long term product service and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with all the clients is extremely important. Nexsus Techno Solutions has been practicing this culture very well by providing a consistent and dedicated service with each product.

Amongst the long list of services provided by the company, Facility Monitoring Services (FMS) happens to be one of the most valued one. Let us take a look at its design and functionality.

Facility Monitoring Services: An Overview
Facility Monitoring Services is one of the best services provided by the company. Nexsus has a special team of dedicated FMS engineers deployed on site. As this service is required by those using CTI products, the engineers provide complete technical solutions on the spot.
In Facility Monitoring Services, an engineer ensures that the company’s application is functioning before trading hours start and it will continue to run throughout the trading hours without any technical difficulty.

What does FMS offer?
FMS engineer is responsible for monitoring status of the product. He also reports about performance and tracks application system. Setting reminders about application system and resolving sudden issues are also included in FMS. This service is based on three important principles -communication, co-operation and solid team work.

The purpose of FMS is to provide hassle free services to the clients minimizing their difficulties. To provide smooth and up-to-date service, a strong backing of research about the product and its technicalities are essential.

In FMS, Nexsus Techno provides case studies and solutions on any technical problem by performing root cause analysis. In-detail study of the product, daily reporting on performance and statistics definitely contribute substantially in client’s business growth.

Also, all is not left to the engineers. Nexsus not only gives its customers top most priority but also immensely values its employees. If they are unable to solve any problem, they can immediately communicate it with the management. They are also urged to attend Management Review Meetings and express their views and share practical experiences. 

Why any company should use FMS?
FMS deals with real time applications like trading. Problems with such products need accurate solution that too in specific time. To deliver such a high quality service, Nexsus has a trained staff that understands the product thoroughly. They are equipped to deliver quick solutions and guidance whenever required. Throughout the support project, balance of quality staff is also maintained to eliminate communication hurdles.
FMS is a dedicated service for time to time analysis of product reports. So it helps the clients to bridge backlogs they had in the past. Another most important aspect of this service is its affordability. As it is an extended service to the clients using CTI products, it proves to be extremely cost effective and worth every penny.

CTI technology, its products and services have great importance in several fields. And for all the CTI users, Nexsus has proved to be the best service provider.

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