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Customer satisfaction is an intangible but the most vital criterion for a successful business venture. Modern enterprises have however devised various ways to measure how much a customer is pleased about their products or services. One of the factors that keep them contented is healthy communication. Perfect dispute solving approach and fine tuned customer support system play an important part in this. 

Nexsus Techno Solutions Private Limited is the one stop solution for every communication problem a corporate house may have. The company’s products like Call Balance, CallConfine, Aiveares and Max Dial ensure that every mode of communication is exploited with optimum efficiency. Here is a quick look at Nexsus’ products which are helping many businesses grow:

CallConfine is the flagship product of Nexsus. It provides recording facility for telephonic conversations. This proves extremely useful in improving business accuracy and efficiency. Organizations can monitor their customer care and marketing department to ensure complete compliance. It also helps to avoid disputes and communication gap with customers.

The product is a perfect solution for businesses which rely heavily on digital communication. It is usually used in banks, hospitals, call centers and financial institutes. Tasks like performance management, policy compliance and interaction monitoring can be managed through CallConfine. 

Service sector companies communicate to customers mostly through call centers. They face problems like call abandoning and unorganized call distribution, which frustrate the caller. Through its product Interact, Nexsus provides crucial facilities like automatic call distribution and customer centric business process.
Aiveares has both analog and digital setup. A company can generate automated response to customers’ calls using the product. It has multilingual support; this helps it to cater to the needs of local as well as global clients. 

Aiveares increases the convenience of a company’s customers. It also traces customer activity and answers every call at the first ring. Performance can be improved by increasing agent efficiency, cost reduction and better organized calls.

Call Balance

Call Balance is a product specially designed for call centers. One Place Call and Data Management are critical for smooth functioning here. Well-managed desktop maze and accurately filtered calls contribute towards increasing an agent’s efficiency.

As the name of the product suggests, Call Balance is used for balancing calls. It is a unified desktop on which agents can manage their calls easily. The agents can be quickly trained on the product which untimely helps the organization to improve customer interactions.

Call Balance transforms single product agents into universal agents. The facility of customization helps it suit individual needs. 


Good marketing comes with the happy problem of abundance. A company has to satiate many customers at once to establish its brand. Max Dial is just what the doctor ordered for such situations.

MaxDial is a tool to contact many people simultaneously. It is an unattended dialer with which the company can deliver digital voice messages with or without agents. Organizations that need to contact thousands of customers at a time have benefited hugely through the product.

Setting up MaxDial is pretty simple and it consumes minimum space on the system. It proves to be highly useful for telemarketing, cross sales and other sales purposes, where a huge number of customers are involved.

FAXRITE is from Nexsus brings an all new approach to faxing. This is a fax server and electronic document delivery solution that ensures the safety of your business information. Its modern features make communication easier and simpler.
The product is cost effective and time saving. It ensures that norms are adhered to while transferring sensitive information. Information can be sent in a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. As for receiving data, facilities like password protected online account, access from computer and support to almost every document format keeps it ahead of times.

Customer relations services need help-desk ticketing for traceability and proper organization of customer issues. Nexsus Aumser is an interface that simplifies the job with many value additions along with the basic facilities. It is easy to use and has integrated email, SMS and live chat services. The customer service personnel can thus address the queries with complete efficiency and through many communication tools.
Nliten CRM
Analytics is a modern term that has added gravity to many businesses. It has also made competition much more dynamic. Nliten CRM is a tool that presents an acute analysis of every facet of a business to give you valuable pointers.

This is a software that helps in self-assessment of enterprises. Capable of operating on a variety of scales of businesses - small, medium and large, Nliten CRM keeps a close eye on every performance parameter of a company. With the help of data and statistics regarding countless factors, it comes up with precise predictions about the future sales. Quarter by quarter, this proves to be an important guideline in the development of your business.


Digital connectivity has now made handshakes extinct. In this virtual conference room, dialogues and deals can be completed with a host of modern comminication tools. What is still lagging is the consistency and complete reliability.

Confersense is an audio conferencing tool that eliminates all the errors to give excellent voice quality and networking solutions. It also gives desktop accessibility which enables sharing work area online. Like Nexsus' other tools, the use can easily be learnt. This is the ultimate solution to connect geographically dispersed colleagues.

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